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Monday, May 01, 2006

Steven Colbert and Balls

Oh, damn. I have a new love. Steven Colbert. What a...god. What a display of Truthiness, Ballsiness, Gutsiness, and Mark Twainian Genius. I'm talking about his performance at the White House Correspondence dinner last week. Oh, he gave it to them, to the whole corrupt organization. To the rich and the powerful. To the suits and the ties behind this mess we call our government.

Satire. He knew what the reaction was going to be from the audience. To all the fools who say he bombed because the laughs were sparse - most of the audience was part of or associates of the Bush Admin. He was critisizing them. To their fucking faces. But the thousands of us who were watching at home or online found his speech brilliant and balm to our aching souls. We laughed through the whole thing and for long afterwards. We silently cried with relief. We marveled at the man who gave us this joy - because we have waited so long that we had given up hope someone would ever do it. He who upset all the bigwigs. Who said it like it is. Who did it with a sly smile.

You can watch it here.
And when you've done that, you can thank Colbert here.
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The "liberal" media completely ignored Colbert and instead focused on the little comedy that Bush and an impostor put on at the dinner. But we know...know that much more was said at the dinner and we now give our respect to Colbert. He's joined the greats, Mark Twain, Lenny Bruce and the like.

Steven, I just may be in love with you.


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