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Friday, May 12, 2006


Sorry. Haven't been blogging; a very special pet of mine passed on Tuesday. Feanor, the guinea pig. I'll get pictures of him up. He just fell ill all of the sudden - took him to the vet and he had multiple things going on - a very weak heart, weight-loss, bloating, and possible cancer. I put had him to sleep and cried....

....though not too much. I've tried to bite it down and look past the sorrow.

I'm approaching this as a very joyous thing. Death is not sad. Death is not even death. Though, it is sometimes hard. I'm fine most of the time - then, boom, there is a gaping whole that lifts me out of time and space.

Isn't that funny?

He's in everything I do now - he is a thousand different particles of energy, like all those who die. He's in the furthest star on the edge of the universe and he's on the tip of my tongue. It's a wonderful transformation. So - no more tears, love.

( with thanks to Eolo Perfido for the picture )


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