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Friday, May 05, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is a fucking beautiful movie. A beautiful fucking movie. Yes, the wordplay was on purpose. It was not disturbing or horrific. It was...lovely. Raw. Uncaged. Not just the sex scenes, but the whole movie.

And the scenery....I've been to the Bighorns myself and that movie did justice to the real thing.

Jake and Heath did a damn good job of dispelling the stereotypes of gay men. That brings me to this thought: do we need to be so cutthroat on sexual orientation? As Ennis said, "I'm not queer." Would we not be better off by classifying this as love for another human being? What if we fell in love with someone through their mind and their personality - and rather the craving for their bodies followed? Perhaps that's why Jack and Ennis then found themselves wanting the bodies of other men. Because it brought back memories of the way each other touched and felt. It's not that they just wanted dick. I think I'm being somewhat clear here.

Yeah. It should have won an Oscar for Best Picture.


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