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Monday, April 10, 2006

Take Action - NOW

Listen up, bitches. It's time for a Human ( And Animals! ) Rights Addition Post. Here is a list of things that you can do to support ( in just a few minutes! ) the welfare of others.

1. Join the mothers and Amnesty International to turn up the volume on the State Governor of Chihuahua, José Reyes Baez. Over 400 girls and women have been killed or have dissapeared since 1993 and no one has been brought to justice. Read more.

2. Sign a New Letter to Australian Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran Urging an End to Live Exports. Save the sheep!

3. Help Refuge Children Get A Fair Hearing - Pass H.R. 1172. For all the children who have ever had backs turned upon them....

4. Hop over to this website. It's wonderful. Not only can you help fund mammograms with a single click, but food for homeless animals, food for children, books for children, rainforest acerage, and health supplies for children. All with one click each.

Do it. Take 5 mintues and help start a revolution. I mean it. A Revolution.


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