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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Ahhhhh....saw the Pulitzer prize winning Proof yesterday. Very different than I expected. Lots of swearing ( to my liking ). The plot was well done - the actors were not too bad either, but the acting did remind me of conversation with someone with whom I share a common view of thespians. He said to me, "If in a play I was required to open a door, I'm going to open a door. I wouldn't do all this extra bullshit" ( here he goes through exaggerated motions of door-opening ). I agreed. "Subtly," I replied. "Is an integral part of portraying real life situations."

I know, I know. Sometimes the overzealous acting is needed, depending on how the play is written. Farce, comedy - yes, it's beautiful there. But in drama - no. It just hinders the experience.

On another note, there was a touch of feminine power to the plot which I greatly enjoyed and savored.


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