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Monday, April 03, 2006

Gen. Zinni Speaks Out

I must admit, I have had a very biased view of the US Military. Testosterone-filled boys and men who must shoot and blow up things to assert their manliness. I'm not saying that now that view has crumbled away, but General Zinni's interview with Russert on "Meet The Press" has given me insight and hope that there those affiliated with the Military who are quite intelligent, well-spoken, and compassionate.

There were so many things that have had needed saying for the past three years that were said in this interview.

By the way, I've completely lost faith, damn that word, with John McCain. Ever since the day New Orleans drowned and McCain was indulging in cake with the Idiot-in-Chief, I have had misgivings about him. There are those who in his defense say that he is playing the politician and he needs to win the Right over to get into office, but fuck, to go against something you believe in, or to appease a group that is intolerant and closed-minded, just to get's....well I can tell you, I would never want that person in office.

Zinni for President!


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I like your thoughts.

Zinni here:


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