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Friday, April 14, 2006

A Common Mistake

Hoooo-eeee! Over at Feministing there has been an intresting debate in the comments of a particular post. Seems a man, who shall remain unnamed here, had a pretty screwed-up ( but alas, all too common ) view of feminists.

"My head just exploded"
- I think that was the point.

I also find it SO hypocrital that half the posters here have focused on the guy's LOOKS! Does logic or consistency have ANY sway with women?? You have been WHINING forever about not judging women on their looks/bodies, but I guess that all goes out the window when it's someone you don't agree with. Anyway, I'll be pleased to adhere to your standard: Some of you gals REALLY look like you need to spend some more time in Curves! And I understand the price of breast implants has come way down lately, pls think about it.

"God - they fear powerful women."
- Yes, of course. And he has a small penis, and is gay, and lives with his parents, and doesn't make enough money, or makes too much money. You girls will come up with ANY excuse but the truth: Men like sweet, feminine attractive, young women. Not aging angry ocelots. Still, if it makes you feel better, you can say "Men'r 'fraid of strong wyminns - THAT's why none of us angry, hairy chicks gets asked out!"

"Did anyone else read the line "equal rights for men in the family" and do a double take? Does that mean Mr. Usher would like to have the same rights in a family that he believes women should have? "

What he's saying is, the epidemic of women filing for divorce 70-90% of the time to get the house, kids, alimony and child support needs to end. And it is! In every state, equal parenting laws are being introduced. I know of no man my age and income bracket who would marry w/out a pre-nup today - we've all seen our friends or fathers or brothers assraped in divorce court. And, most men I know have figured out that feminists should be avoided the way hacidic jews should avoid Bin Laden.

But that's OK - it's what you claim to have wanted all along. A room of your own! Heck, you can have the whole block! It will give you girls much more space to get to know yourself and what is making you unhappy.

I responded thusly:

I love how Felix used the stereotype that feminists are batshit crazy, men-hating, self-serving bitches. We're not. In response to his earlier comment:"Men like sweet, feminine attractive, young women. Not aging angry ocelots."...

1. I am an attractive young woman ( 19 ), with, dare I say it, a damn lot of femininity. But I am not sweet, if that means I laugh at everything a man says to boost his ego or displaying a mild temperament to make sure I do not scare him away. The more fucking fiery - the better. The more confidence - the better.

2. Women who fall under the category of "aging ocelots" have more wisdom and compassion and heart than any other group. And ocelots are damn beautiful creatures.

3. Why must you paint the word feminists with one stroke? Do you not fucking understand: as women it is love and understanding are inherent in us. We bear children, as you cannot, and we raise villages. To cast us as money hungry sluts is too rash. Yes, we come on strong, but that is because you are used to docile women who think no farther than their own self or family. We feminists are also concerned with the world and her progress. It looks like you have had many bad experiences with feminists. Well, pick yourself up and try once more with an open mind.

This is a view that many ignorant men ( and women! ) have. I agree that sometimes feminists can go to far, like banning The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein - that is a damn beautiful book that some find ( unreasonably ) offensive. But most of us are fighting for a vision. We are beautiful, strong, and compassionate. Angry, yes, but that is because of the injustice that occurs every single day. Before you judge, talk to a fem. I mean really talk. You'll find we are not so different.


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