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Friday, March 24, 2006

V For Vendetta

V. For Vendetta, that is. I saw it last night. My opinion?

Very, very, very good. A victory for visionaries across this vast globe. A voluminous feast for voracious anarchists. A vicious drama with a virtual in-vain romance. Filled with vicissitudes of hints of worlds like 1984 and oh, present day 2006.

I loved it.

The whole film was very well done. It was incredibly explicit in its comparisons between the Bush Administration and the government of the futuristic London in the movie. There were some excellent lines which just blew me away.

V: we never found out his real identity, but we found that he is all of us. And when Parliament was blown up at the end - symbolizing the downfall of the reign of the fascist government - I was silently cheering, watching Big Ben explode and masses awake from the deep sleep that they had slept so long.


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