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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sex and Anger ( Mine )

Wow. This post is from a couple of days ago, but Goddamn, Digby hit the fucking mark on this topic. I just found it today.

I am particularly interested in this subject. Sex and why there is this view that it is sin, or even just "fucking," as millions dub it. It has a bad rap, due to the casualness that is used in describing it, or in the act of doing it. Sex for many is a "good fuck" and once it is over it loses its luster and even becomes dirty. And so there are those who, ashamed of their sexuality and the lust that is aroused in them, preach that sex must be with as few people as possible ( i.e. your marriage partner and only your marriage partner - if you are divorced, you're screwed ).

The other thing that pisses me off is this breed of men who view women as nothing more than sex objects and an output area to release their desire. The rush that they receive comes not from sex itself, but the idea of dominating a woman and having them submit and do various demeaning sex acts. This is made very clear in pornography.

Sex is not evil. Sex is not dirty. If you want to approach it that way, then there is a whole lot you are missing out on. Sex is also more than a casual shag. Sex is what connects people. To quote Digby, "Sex is elemental."

Don't forget kids, use protection!


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