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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Poetry and Reality

Sometimes the drum of politics and fighting takes such a toll....
I've recently become a poetry junkie. Sappho, E.E. Cummings, Emerson, those who write words that make the tongue trill and the mind almost orgasm with pleasure. I am now in bookstores ( well, that's nothing new ) browsing the Poetry section, picking up and buying random books such as The Dog In British Poetry, which is about - you guessed it, the Brits and their dogs, or Japanese Death Poetry, which actually looks really intriguing.

Cummings, I will say, is one of my favorites. His form is so unorthodox and challenging. I love it.

now is a ship

which captain am
sails out of sleep

steering for dream

Dreams. What if this reality is not reality? In fact, it isn't. These rules that we live by, these buildings we build, keep us from seeking, searching, keep us encased. Show me a rebel who breaks borders. Show me another reality. Let's see you grapple with that one.


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