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Friday, March 17, 2006

No, Not That God

Deepak Chopera has an excellent post over at HuffPo. And the comments were even more interesting, ranging from those that completely critized his viewpoint for various reasons, to those that seemed hesitant yet not hostile, and to those that praised him vehemently for his views.

The God that Deepak was referring to was something that only a handful of the posters understood. The God that he was referring to is nothing like the gods of the three major monotheistic religions. This God has no gender, no face, no form, no thoughts. The God that deeps talks of is...indescribable. Few could ever put into words what this Presence really is.

And another thing, many were confusing religion and spirituality. Goddamn, spirituality is nothing like religion, although there are those very few whose religion is spirituality - for example, the Buddhists. Spirituality has no laws, no rules, there is no ego involved. Spirituality is a free-wheeling entity, so explosive, and yet so peaceful, all these buildings around us fall away.

Chopera also has a book out called The Book Of Secrets, which I bought last Monday. It is very healing.


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