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Friday, March 03, 2006

Looking In The Mirror

What is the feminist image that many people conjour up today? Does one think of Susan B. Anthony? Gloria Steinem? Betty Friedan? Those radical old ladies who had nothing better to do, right? Radical I agree with. We're rebels, in a positive sense, fighting against the patriarchal system that we live in. But old? Sourpuss men-hating spinsters? Hell, no. Those images were oh-so-cleverly woven into main-stream society long ago. Check out these fantastic bitches. Spinster my ass. And men-hating? Please, we love our men.

When I mention to men that I am a feminist I get hilarious reactions. Some love it. But others... My favorite reaction is silence accompanied by a semi-offended look. Earth to men: Don't be offended! We do not dislike you! We are not even attacking you! We are attacking The System. Patriarchy. A system that favors one gender over another. It would be no better if we lived in a matriarchal system. I reccomend an excellent book by Allan G. Johnson called The Gender Knot. I read it in a multicultural class that I took last semester and it made things very clear.

For those who are still skeptical about the new wave of young feminists, check out this website: The Real Hot 100.


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