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Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Woman Time Now!!

YES. I love this article. There are now at least four women who head countries around the world. Here is an excerpt:

Simpson-Miller became prime minister-designate when she narrowly defeated National Security Minister Peter Phillips in her dominant People's National Party elections last month. The reggae tunes The Strength of a Woman, and Thank You Momma opened nearly all of Simpson-Miller's rallies. The title of another song, It's Woman Time Now, became her unofficial campaign theme.

"The groundswell of support for Simpson-Miller has cut across gender, says columnist Jean Lowrie-Chin of The Jamaica Observer. "You hear as many men as women saying that 'It's woman time now — give her a chance.' We hear people saying that women are more resistant to corruption, more inclusive, more connected and sympathetic to the people."

Too few women are in top positions, says Faith Webster, director of the Bureau of Women's Affairs. Simpson-Miller's election indicates change may be on the way, she says.

"Portia has gone crashing through that ceiling. It is yet to be seen how this will play out for women in general, but we are optimistic," Webster says.

Did you hear that boys? You won't be able to deny us forever. We're climbing back up.


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