The War Zone and The Sanctuary

A blog run by a Liberal Feminist woman who adores Music and all other Art in any form. Actually, she loves just about everything from Science to British comedy. But - she is pissed off with the Current Administration and all their Right Wing ideology and is compelled to fight their reign by setting up...A Blog ( ta da! ). All malice aside, this woman is most happy when she is surrounded by intelligent thought and witty conversation.

Friday, March 03, 2006

First Post

I had no idea setting up a blog would be so Easy. I have had a yearning to set up one of these things as I feel the need to vent my thoughts on this Very Intresting World we live in, made even more intresting by the fact that we have an inept, yet subtly clever, government and no one really cares ( at least in this country ). Well, I shouldn't say no one. But there are times when I feel that the intelligence level has dropped massively and I cannot find enough people who give a fuck.
And so.....

Who I am ( abridged )
  • A 19 year old woman who lives in the Metro Detroit area
  • Attending the University of Michigan ( not the main campus in Ann Arbor ) to become an elementary teacher
  • At least that's the plan - I could go a million different ways with my life
  • I am very into music and am always composing; I have a beautiful, no, a fucking gorgeous Yamaha keyboard and also a slightly off-tune upright piano
  • Bjork and Kate Bush are who I most admire and feel in touch with musically
  • I am a Feminist - you'll find out why and how later
  • I am a Liberal - ditto
  • I am not religious, but incredibly spiritual in a very Liberal, Unorthadox way
  • My nom de web is Maenad - go look up the definition and smile
Welcome to my War Zone and my Sanctuary. Here I hope you will find humor, ardent rhapsody, honest open opinions in a take-it-or-leave-it style, and above all, enlightened thinking.

Enjoy, all.


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