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Monday, March 13, 2006

Do Something, Please!

Censuring Bush. Impeaching Bush. Seriously repremanding Bush. Goddamn, we need to to something of that sort. I am saddened by the fact that I think this Censuring business will not go on for that long. One, the media downplays it. Two, the Democrats that are supposed to be supporting Feingold aren't there. And it is Two that angers me. Yes, I can see why the Democrats want to be cautious. The GOP controlls everything and blah, blah, blah.

WE NEED TO BE OUTSPOKEN. AND - ALSO NOT SAY DUMBSHIT REMARKS IN THE PROCESS. Where are Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Bill Richardson, and the others???? Can we please all rally together so that the public will know that this is important? This is fucking critical. And by This I mean the whole state of our government. Want more proof? Sandra Day O'Connor warns of dictatorship. Oh, shades of Germany, you say? You bet your ass. Check this quote out ( Lev Navrozov ):

So, what am I driving at? To prove that those who voted for Hitler in 1932 did the right thing? No! What I want to show is how easily the fear of a danger leads a democracy to dictatorship.

And that's where we are, folks. The actions that drive this country are now based on fear. A fear that has been dramatized, escalated, exploited by those who have their own power-based agendas. The lovely Right Wing ideology that has gained influence all over the world in the last 30 years could lead us to a very unpretty situation ( dare I say it, a World War ). Connect the dots. And I mean all the dots that lead from issues such as suppressing women's rights, to domestic spying without a warrant, to the hoodwinking of the American people, to the civil war in Iraq ( it's a fucking civil war already, on a smaller scale, without extensive weaponry because they don't have the weaponry - this is a
civil war made up of suicide bombers ), to the rise of China, to the Muslim fear in Europe, and so on. The world is based on fear and power. And if we, the Goddamned United States of America, will take no action against a corrupt and inept Administration ( who run on the demands of the inexorably wealthy, faceless few ) then we are sending a message to the rest of the world that bodes ill for us all.


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